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There are about 1300 cities and villages in Lebanon
Please note that some villages have the same name, but are in different regions. This maybe due to people moving from 
one area to another, carrying the name of the original village with them.



> Facts About Lebanon
total: 10,400 sq km
water: 170 sq km
land: 10,230 sq km
about 0.7 times the size of Connecticut
Land boundaries:
total: 454 km
border countries: Israel 79 km, Syria 375 km
225 km
Maritime claims:
territorial sea: 12 NM
Mediterranean; mild to cool, wet winters with hot, dry summers; Lebanon mountains experience heavy winter snows
narrow coastal plain; El Beqaa (Bekaa Valley) separates Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon Mountains
Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m
highest point: Qurnat as Sawda' 3,088 m
Natural resources:
limestone, iron ore, salt, water-surplus state in a water-deficit region, arable land
Land use:
arable land: 17.6%
permanent crops: 12.51%
other: 69.89% (1998 est.)
Irrigated land:
1,200 sq km (1998 est.)
Natural hazards:
dust storms, sandstorms
Environment - current issues:
deforestation; soil erosion; desertification; air pollution in Beirut from vehicular traffic and the burning of industrial wastes; pollution of coastal waters from raw sewage and oil spills
Environment - international agreements:
party to: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Desertification, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Wetlands
signed, but not ratified: Environmental Modification, Marine Dumping, Marine Life Conservation
Geography - note:
Nahr el Litani only major river in Near East not crossing an international boundary; rugged terrain historically helped isolate, protect, and develop numerous factional groups based on religion, clan, and ethnicity


List of Cities And Villages in Lebanon



A'aba Koura North Lebanon
A'aba Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Aazki Danniyeh North Lebanon
Abbassiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Abbassiyeh Sour South Lebanon
Abboudiyeh Akkar North Lebanon
Abdeh Akkar North Lebanon
Abdelli Batroun North Lebanon
Ablah Zahleh Bekaa
Abra Saida South Lebanon
Achach Zgharta North Lebanon
Achkout Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Achrafieh Beirut Beirut
Adchit Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Addoussiyeh Saida South Lebanon
Addoussiyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Adloun Saida South Lebanon
Adloun Zahrani South Lebanon
Adma Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Adra Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Afka Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Afsdik Koura North Lebanon
Aghmid Aley Mount Lebanon
Aidamoun Akkar North Lebanon
Aiha Rachaya Bekaa
Ain Aar Metn Mount Lebanon
Ain Akrine Koura North Lebanon
Ain el-Delb Zahrani South Lebanon
Ain Alak Metn Mount Lebanon
Ain Ab Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain Anoub Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain Arab Rachaya Bekaa
Ain Ata Baalbeck Bekaa
Ain Ata Rachaya Bekaa
Ain Ba'al Chouf Mount Lebanon
Ain Ba'al Sour South Lebanon
Ain Baniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Ain Bourday Baalbeck Bekaa
Ain Boussouar Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Ain Dara Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain Ebel Sour South Lebanon
Ain el-Delb Saida South Lebanon
Ain el-Ghoaybeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ain el-Kharroubeh Metn Mount Lebanon
Ain el-Remmaneh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ain el-Rihani Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Ain el-Safsaf Metn Mount Lebanon
Ain el-Tini Danniyeh North Lebanon
Ain Enoub Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain Harcha Rachaya Bekaa
Ain Jdideh Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain Joz Baalbeck Bekaa
Ain Kfarzabad Zahleh Bekaa
Ain Ksour Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain Mouaffaq Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ain Mreisseh Beirut Beirut
Ain Qana Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Ain Saadeh Metn Mount Lebanon
Ain Saouda Baalbeck Bekaa
Ain Tanta Akkar North Lebanon
Ain Tini Bekaa West Bekaa
Ain Toubine Zgharta North Lebanon
Ain Toura Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Ain Toura Metn Mount Lebanon
Ain Tourine Zgharta North Lebanon
Ain Trez Aley Mount Lebanon
Ain We Zein Chouf Mount Lebanon
Ain Yaacoub Akkar North Lebanon
Ain Zabad Bekaa West Bekaa
Ain Zaite Akkar North Lebanon
Ain Zebdeh Bekaa West Bekaa
Aita el-Fakhar Rachaya Bekaa
Aita el-Zot Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Aitanit Bekaa West Bekaa
A´tat Aley Mount Lebanon
Aitou Zgharta North Lebanon
Aitouli Jezzine South Lebanon
Ajad Ebrine Koura North Lebanon
Ajaltoun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Akaybeh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Akbeh Rachaya Bekaa
Akidiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Akkar el-Atika Akkar North Lebanon
Akoura Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Akroum Akkar North Lebanon
Aktanit Saida South Lebanon
Al Abdeh Akkar North Lebanon
Al Ain Baalbeck Bekaa
Al Ali Batroun North Lebanon
Al Haddadine Tripoli North Lebanon
Al Hadid Tripoli North Lebanon
Al Hid Akkar North Lebanon
Al Hiri Batroun North Lebanon
Al Hmayra Akkar North Lebanon
Al Mahatra Tripoli North Lebanon
Al Sahleh Akkar North Lebanon
Al Saksakieh Zahrani South Lebanon
Al Sharkiyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Al Wardaniyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Aley Aley Mount Lebanon
Ali el-Nahri Zahleh Bekaa
Alma Zgharta North Lebanon
Alma el-Chaab Sour South Lebanon
Almat Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Amaret Chalhoub Metn Mount Lebanon
Amatour Chouf Mount Lebanon
Amchit Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Amioun Koura North Lebanon
Ammar Bikat Akkar North Lebanon
Ammik Bekaa West Bekaa
Ammik Chouf Mount Lebanon
An Nouri Tripoli North Lebanon
Ana Bekaa West Bekaa
Andket Akkar North Lebanon
Andoula Batroun North Lebanon
Anfeh Koura North Lebanon
Anjar Zahleh Bekaa
Ankoun Zahrani South Lebanon
Ankoune Saida South Lebanon
Anout Chouf Mount Lebanon
Ansar Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Anssarieh Saida South Lebanon
Antelias Metn Mount Lebanon
Arab el-Jal Saida South Lebanon
Arab Salim Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Arabet Kozhaya Zgharta North Lebanon
Aramoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Aramoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Araya Baabda Mount Lebanon
Arbaniyeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ardeh Zgharta North Lebanon
Arida Akkar North Lebanon
Arjess Zgharta North Lebanon
Arkeh Saida South Lebanon
Artez Batroun North Lebanon
Arzeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Arzi Saida South Lebanon
Arzoune Sour South Lebanon
Aslout Zgharta North Lebanon
Asnoun Zgharta North Lebanon
Assaouneh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Assoune Danniyeh North Lebanon
Atchaneh Metn Mount Lebanon
Atrine Chouf Mount Lebanon
Awkar Metn Mount Lebanon
Awra Batroun North Lebanon
Ayat Akkar North Lebanon
Ayroune Metn Mount Lebanon
Aytate Aley Mount Lebanon
Aytite Sour South Lebanon
Azzeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon


Chaat Baalbeck Bekaa
Chabiyeh Sour South Lebanon
Chacra Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Chadra Akkar North Lebanon
Chaet Baalbeck Bekaa
Chahour Sour South Lebanon
Chakdouf Akkar North Lebanon
Chamat Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Chamout Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Chane Akkar North Lebanon
Charbila Akkar North Lebanon
Charbin Hermel Bekaa
Charoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Charqiyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Chartoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Chatine Batroun North Lebanon
Chatiyeh Aley Mount Lebanon
Chawaghir Hermel Bekaa
Chawiya Metn Mount Lebanon
Cheaibi Baalbeck Bekaa
Cheaytieh Sour South Lebanon
Chebaniyeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Chehabiyeh Sour South Lebanon
Chehim Chouf Mount Lebanon
Cheikh Mohamad Akkar North Lebanon
Cheikh Taba Akkar North Lebanon
Cheikh Znad Akkar North Lebanon
Chekka Batroun North Lebanon
Chekka Batroun North Lebanon
Chemlan Aley Mount Lebanon
Chibtine Batroun North Lebanon
Chikhlar Akkar North Lebanon
Chiyah Baabda Mount Lebanon
Chlifa Baalbeck Bekaa
Chmais Baalbeck Bekaa
Chmeis Baalbeck Bekaa
Chmestar Baalbeck Bekaa
Chnan´´r Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Choualik Jezzine South Lebanon
Choueifat Aley Mount Lebanon
Choueir Metn Mount Lebanon
Choukine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Chourite Chouf Mount Lebanon
Chrine Metn Mount Lebanon
Chtaheh Akkar North Lebanon
Chtaura Zahleh Bekaa


Dabra Batroun North Lebanon
Daghla Akkar North Lebanon
Daher Akkar North Lebanon
Dahr Abou-Yaghi Batroun North Lebanon
Dahr el-Ahmar Rachaya Bekaa
Dahr el-Ain Koura North Lebanon
Dahr el-Hassin Metn Mount Lebanon
Dahr el-Souan Metn Mount Lebanon
Dahr Lisseineh Akkar North Lebanon
Dail Batroun North Lebanon
Dakkouh Bekaa West Bekaa
Dalhoun Chouf Mount Lebanon
Damour Chouf Mount Lebanon
Danbo Akkar North Lebanon
Daousseh Akkar North Lebanon
Daphneh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Dar Aoun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Dar Aya Zgharta North Lebanon
Dar Aya Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Dar Baachtar Koura North Lebanon
Dar Chmezzine Koura North Lebanon
Dar Wassiha Baalbeck Bekaa
Darbessim Zahrani South Lebanon
Darine Akkar North Lebanon
Dawra Akkar North Lebanon
Dbayeh Metn Mount Lebanon
Debabieh Akkar North Lebanon
Deb'al Sour South Lebanon
Debbiyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Deddeh Koura North Lebanon
Deir Achayer Rachaya Bekaa
Deir el-Zahrani Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Deir Ames Sour South Lebanon
Deir Ammar Danniyeh North Lebanon
Deir Antar Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Deir Baba Chouf Mount Lebanon
Deir Bella Batroun North Lebanon
Deir Chwah Batroun North Lebanon
Deir Dghaya Sour South Lebanon
Deir el-'Achaer Bekaa West Bekaa
Deir el-Ahmar Baalbeck Bekaa
Deir el-Kamar Chouf Mount Lebanon
Deir el-Moukhales Chouf Mount Lebanon
Deir el-Ghazal Zahleh Bekaa
Deir el-Harf Baabda Mount Lebanon
Deir Janine Akkar North Lebanon
Deir Kanoun Sour South Lebanon
Deir Kantar Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Deir Kifa Sour South Lebanon
Deir Koucheh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Deir Mimas Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Deir Nbouh Danniyeh North Lebanon
Dekouaneh Metn Mount Lebanon
Delhamiyeh Zahleh Bekaa
Derb el-Simme Saida South Lebanon
Deria Batroun North Lebanon
Deychounieh Metn Mount Lebanon
Dfoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Dibiil Danniyeh North Lebanon
Dlaybeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Dlebta Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Dmayt Chouf Mount Lebanon
Douar Metn Mount Lebanon
Doubiyeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Doueir Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Doueir Adouieh Akkar North Lebanon
Doueir el-Remmane Aley Mount Lebanon
Douma Batroun North Lebanon
Douma Batroun North Lebanon
Douriss Baalbeck Bekaa


Edbel Akkar North Lebanon
Eddeh Batroun North Lebanon
Eddeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ehden Zgharta North Lebanon
Ehmej Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ein Zeitouneh Metn Mount Lebanon
Ejbeh Zgharta North Lebanon
el-Ain Baalbeck Bekaa
Elhat Koura North Lebanon
el-Kaakour Metn Mount Lebanon
el-Khalleh Metn Mount Lebanon
el-Qalaa Baabda Mount Lebanon
el-Qarieh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ersal Baalbeck Bekaa


Fakiha Baalbeck Bekaa
Falaoui Baalbeck Bekaa
Falougha Baabda Mount Lebanon
Fanar Metn Mount Lebanon
Fatreh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Fayadieh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Feghal Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ferzol Zahleh Bekaa
Fesdick Koura North Lebanon
Feytroun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Fidar Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Fieh Koura North Lebanon
Fissane Hermel Bekaa
Fneidek Akkar North Lebanon
Fouara Chouf Mount Lebanon
Freidess Akkar North Lebanon
Freidis Chouf Mount Lebanon
Freikeh Metn Mount Lebanon
Froun Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Ftahat Batroun North Lebanon
Furn el-Chebbak Baabda Mount Lebanon


Garabache Zgharta North Lebanon
Geba'a Baalbeck Bekaa
Gebrayel Akkar North Lebanon
Ghafra Baalbeck Bekaa
Ghalboun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ghandouriyeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Gharayeb Zahrani South Lebanon
Gharifeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Ghassaniyeh Saida South Lebanon
Ghassaniyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Ghazir Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Ghaziyeh Saida South Lebanon
Ghaziyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Ghazzeh Bekaa West Bekaa
Ghebaleh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Ghineh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Ghobe´ry Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ghosta Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Ghouma Batroun North Lebanon
Ghowaya Akkar North Lebanon
Ghreibeh Akkar North Lebanon
Ghzaileh Akkar North Lebanon


Habbouche Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Habchit Akkar North Lebanon
Habil Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Habrmoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Hadchit Becharreh North Lebanon
Haddatha Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Hadeth Baabda Mount Lebanon
Hadeth Baalbeck Baalbeck Bekaa
Hadeth el-Joubbeh Becharreh North Lebanon
Hadtoune Batroun North Lebanon
Hageh Saida South Lebanon
Haissa Akkar North Lebanon
Haizouk Akkar North Lebanon
HajjehJbeili Zahleh Bekaa
Hakl el-Azimi Danniyeh North Lebanon
Hakour Akkar North Lebanon
Hakr Cheikh Taba Akkar North Lebanon
Hakr Dahiri Akkar North Lebanon
Halate Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Halba Akkar North Lebanon
Halloussiyeh Sour South Lebanon
Hamat Batroun North Lebanon
Hamat Batroun North Lebanon
Hame Baalbeck Bekaa
Hammana Baabda Mount Lebanon
Hamra Akkar North Lebanon
Haniyeh Sour South Lebanon
Harbouna Batroun North Lebanon
Hardine Batroun North Lebanon
Haret el-Botm Baabda Mount Lebanon
Haret el-Fouar Zgharta North Lebanon
Haret el-Khassa Koura North Lebanon
Haret Hamzeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Haret Hreik Baabda Mount Lebanon
Haret Maasser Hermel Bekaa
Haret Saida Saida South Lebanon
Haret Saida Zahrani South Lebanon
Haret Sakhr Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Harf Ardeh Zgharta North Lebanon
Harf Miziara Zgharta North Lebanon
Harf Siyad Danniyeh North Lebanon
Harika Hermel Bekaa
Haris Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Harissa Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Harouf Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Hasbaya Baabda Mount Lebanon
Hasroun Becharreh North Lebanon
Hasrout Chouf Mount Lebanon
Hawche Rachaya Bekaa
Hay el-Sellom Zahleh Bekaa
Hay el-Fikati Zahleh Bekaa
Haylan Zgharta North Lebanon
Haysseh Akkar North Lebanon
Hazerta Zahleh Bekaa
Hazin Baalbeck Bekaa
Hazmieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
Hazmieh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Hbous Metn Mount Lebanon
Hed Akkar North Lebanon
Heloueh Rachaya Bekaa
Helta Batroun North Lebanon
Herhraya Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Hermel Hermel Bekaa
Himlaya Metn Mount Lebanon
Hitla Akkar North Lebanon
Hjoula Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Hlaliyeh Saida South Lebanon
Hlaliyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Hmaiss Zgharta North Lebanon
Hmayreh Akkar North Lebanon
Hmayreh Hermel Bekaa
Hmayreh Koura North Lebanon
Hneider Akkar North Lebanon
Hoch el-Harimeh Bekaa West Bekaa
Hoch el-Oumara Zahleh Bekaa
Hoch Ghanam Zahleh Bekaa
Hoch Hala Zahleh Bekaa
Hoch Nabi Baalbeck Bekaa
Hoch Rafika Baalbeck Bekaa
Hoch Sayed Hermel Bekaa
Hoch Sneid Baalbeck Bekaa
Hoch Tal Safiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Hoch Zahab Baalbeck Bekaa
Hoch Zarahneh Zahleh Bekaa
Hocheb Akkar North Lebanon
Hor Tehla Baalbeck Bekaa
Horch Hala Zahleh Bekaa
Hosniyeh Akkar North Lebanon
Houmal Aley Mount Lebanon
Houmine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Houwara Danniyeh North Lebanon
Howeiche Akkar North Lebanon
Hrajel Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Hrar Akkar North Lebanon
Hrebta Baalbeck Bekaa
Hsanieh Jezzine South Lebanon
Hsein Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Hsoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon


Ia'al Zgharta North Lebanon
Ia'at Baalbeck Bekaa
Ibdine Becharreh North Lebanon
Ibrine Batroun North Lebanon
Ighmid Aley Mount Lebanon
Izal Danniyeh North Lebanon


Jaba'a Baalbeck Bekaa
Jadayel Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Jahlieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Jaj Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Jal el-Dib Metn Mount Lebanon
Jalala Zahleh Bekaa
Jalisseh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Janneh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Jarjouh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Jawar Hachich Hermel Bekaa
Jbaa Chouf Mount Lebanon
Jbaa Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Jbal Boutoum Sour South Lebanon
Jbaniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Jbeil Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Jboula Baalbeck Bekaa
Jdabra Batroun North Lebanon
Jdeideh Metn Mount Lebanon
Jdeideh Baalbeck Bekaa
JdeidehJoumeh Akkar North Lebanon
JdeidehKatih Akkar North Lebanon
Jdeidet el-Chouf Chouf Mount Lebanon
Jdeidet Ghazir Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Jdeidet Marjeyoun Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Jdita Zahleh Bekaa
Jeb Chite Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Jeb Jenine Bekaa West Bekaa
Jeb La Batroun North Lebanon
Jeita Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Jenejleya Saida South Lebanon
Jensnaya Jezzine South Lebanon
Jenta Baalbeck Bekaa
Jernaya Jezzine South Lebanon
Jidra Chouf Mount Lebanon
Jisrain Tripoli North Lebanon
Jiyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Jmaijmeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Jouar Metn Mount Lebanon
Jouar el-Haouz Baabda Mount Lebanon
Joun Chouf Mount Lebanon
Jounieh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Jouret Bedrane Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Jouret el-Ballout Metn Mount Lebanon
Jouret el-Tourmos Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Jouwaya Sour South Lebanon
Jrabta Batroun North Lebanon
Jrane Batroun North Lebanon


Ka'a Baalbeck Bekaa
Ka'a el-Rim Zahleh Bekaa
Ka'a kayet Snoubar Saida South Lebanon
Ka'a Kour Metn Mount Lebanon
Kab Elias Zahleh Bekaa
Kab Ousseh Zahleh Bekaa
Kab Rikha Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Kachlak Akkar North Lebanon
Kaddam Baalbeck Bekaa
Kadriyeh Zgharta North Lebanon
Kafra Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Kaftoun Koura North Lebanon
Kahaleh Aley Mount Lebanon
Kahf el-Malloul Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kahlounieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Kal Sabeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Kala'a Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kala'a Baalbeck Bekaa
Kalamoun Tripoli North Lebanon
Kaled Sabeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Kalhat Koura North Lebanon
Kalya Bekaa West Bekaa
Kamed el-Loz Bekaa West Bekaa
Kamel Zahleh Bekaa
Kammamine Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kanabat Metn Mount Lebanon
Kannarit Saida South Lebanon
Kantra Akkar North Lebanon
Karak Zahleh Bekaa
Karaoun Bekaa West Bekaa
Karha Akkar North Lebanon
Karha Baalbeck Bekaa
Kariyeh Saida South Lebanon
Karkha Jezzine South Lebanon
Karm Asfour Akkar North Lebanon
Karm el-Mehr Danniyeh North Lebanon
Karm Saddeh Zgharta North Lebanon
Karsita Danniyeh North Lebanon
Karsouna Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kartaba Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Kasr-Fissane Hermel Bekaa
Kasser Hermel Bekaa
Kasser Naba Baalbeck Bekaa
Katelbeh Akkar North Lebanon
Kattara Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Kattine Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kawkaba Rachaya Bekaa
Kawssariet Sayad Saida South Lebanon
Kboula Akkar North Lebanon
Kboula Koura North Lebanon
Kefraya Koura North Lebanon
Kefraya Bekaa West Bekaa
Kefraya Saida South Lebanon
Keftine Koura North Lebanon
Kesya Batroun North Lebanon
Ketermaya Chouf Mount Lebanon
Keyfoun Aley Mount Lebanon
Kfa Rabida Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Aamey Aley Mount Lebanon
Kfar Abida Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Akab Metn Mount Lebanon
Kfar Akka Koura North Lebanon
Kfar Amya Aley Mount Lebanon
Kfar Aya Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Bachit Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Bibnine Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kfar Bit Saida South Lebanon
Kfar Chakhna Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Chelal Saida South Lebanon
Kfar Chellam Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kfar Chellane Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kfar Chima Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kfar Chliman Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Dabach Baalbeck Bekaa
Kfar Dan Baalbeck Bekaa
Kfar Diche Baalbeck Bekaa
Kfar Dlakous Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Dnisse Rachaya Bekaa
Kfar Doubine Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Kfar Fakoud Chouf Mount Lebanon
Kfar Fila Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Kfar Fou Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Habou Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kfar Halda Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Harra Akkar North Lebanon
Kfar Hata Koura North Lebanon
Kfar Hatna Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Hatta Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Hatta Zahrani South Lebanon
Kfar Hay Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Hazir Koura North Lebanon
Kfar Helda Batroun North Lebanon
Kfar Hitti Saida South Lebanon
Kfar Houra Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Jarra Jezzine South Lebanon
Kfar Kahel Koura North Lebanon
Kfar Katra Chouf Mount Lebanon
Kfar Keddeh Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Kfar Kouk Rachaya Bekaa
Kfar Mashoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Kfar Mechki Rachaya Bekaa
Kfar Melki Akkar North Lebanon
Kfar Melki Saida South Lebanon
Kfar Melki Zahrani South Lebanon
Kfar Nabrakh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Kfar Nis Chouf Mount Lebanon
Kfar Noun Akkar North Lebanon
Kfar Remmane Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Kfar Saroun Koura North Lebanon
Kfar Seghab Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Selouan Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kfar Selouane Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kfar Sir Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Kfar Tebnit Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Kfar Tey Metn Mount Lebanon
Kfar Toun Akkar North Lebanon
Kfar Yachit Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfar Yassine Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Kfar Zabad Zahleh Bekaa
Kfar Zebian Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Kfar Zina Zgharta North Lebanon
Kfeir Hasbaya South Lebanon
Kfifane Batroun North Lebanon
Kfoun Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Kfour Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Kfour Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Kfour el-Arabi Batroun North Lebanon
Khalouate Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kharayeb Saida South Lebanon
Kharnoub Danniyeh North Lebanon
Khartoum Saida South Lebanon
Khazize Saida South Lebanon
Kherbet Char Akkar North Lebanon
Kherbet Kanafar Bekaa West Bekaa
Kherbet Rouha Rachaya Bekaa
Khodr Baalbeck Bekaa
Khodr Bey Zahleh Bekaa
Khonchara Metn Mount Lebanon
Khorbet Daoud Akkar North Lebanon
Khorbet Jrad Akkar North Lebanon
Khorbet Jundi Akkar North Lebanon
Khraybeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Khrayeb Hermel Bekaa
Khreybeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Khreybeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Kiniya Akkar North Lebanon
Klaouiyeh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Klayaat Akkar North Lebanon
Klayleh Sour South Lebanon
Kleiat Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Kloud Bakieh Akkar North Lebanon
Knafez Hermel Bekaa
Knaytra Saida South Lebanon
Kneisseh Akkar North Lebanon
Kneisseh Baalbeck Bekaa
Kneisseh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kobayat Akkar North Lebanon
Kobbeh Tripoli North Lebanon
Kobbeh Batroun North Lebanon
Kobbet Chamra Akkar North Lebanon
Koneitra Metn Mount Lebanon
Korhaya Danniyeh North Lebanon
Korkef Akkar North Lebanon
Kornayel Baabda Mount Lebanon
Korneh Akkar North Lebanon
Kornet Chehwane Metn Mount Lebanon
Kortada Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kossaibeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Kossaibi Baabda Mount Lebanon
Koubba Batroun North Lebanon
Koubbayeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Koucha Akkar North Lebanon
Kour Batroun North Lebanon
Kousba Koura North Lebanon
Koussaya Zahleh Bekaa
Kouwakh Hermel Bekaa
Krayat Akkar North Lebanon
Krayyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Krin Danniyeh North Lebanon
Kroum Arab Akkar North Lebanon
Ksaybeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Kwachra Akkar North Lebanon


Laboueh Baalbeck Bekaa
Lala Bekaa West Bekaa
Lassa Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Lebaa Jezzine South Lebanon
Lebbaya Baalbeck Bekaa
Leilaky Baabda Mount Lebanon
Limar Danniyeh North Lebanon
Loubiyeh Saida South Lebanon
Loueizeh Baabda Mount Lebanon


Maalaka Zahleh Bekaa
Maamariyeh Saida South Lebanon
Maamiriyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Maaraboun Baalbeck Bekaa
Maarakeh Sour South Lebanon
Maaroub Sour South Lebanon
Maarouf Sour South Lebanon
Maasriti Aley Mount Lebanon
Maasser Zgharta North Lebanon
Maasser Beit Eddine Chouf Mount Lebanon
Machta Hammoud Akkar North Lebanon
Machta Hassan Akkar North Lebanon
Machghara Bekaa West Bekaa
Maghdoucheh Saida South Lebanon
Maghroubella Becharreh North Lebanon
Mahrouni Sour South Lebanon
Majd Ala Akkar North Lebanon
Majd Aloun Baalbeck Bekaa
Majd El Akkar North Lebanon
Majd El Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Majd El Koura North Lebanon
Majd el-Anjar Zahleh Bekaa
Majd el-Baana Aley Mount Lebanon
Majd el-Balhis Rachaya Bekaa
Majd el-Behna Aley Mount Lebanon
Majd el-Meouch Chouf Mount Lebanon
Majd el-Sel Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Majd el-Tarchich Metn Mount Lebanon
Majd el-Youne Zahrani South Lebanon
Majd el-Youne Saida South Lebanon
Majd el-Zoun Sour South Lebanon
Majd Laya Aley Mount Lebanon
Majd Laya Zgharta North Lebanon
Majzoub Metn Mount Lebanon
Makneh Baalbeck Bekaa
Makni Baalbeck Bekaa
Maksi Zahleh Bekaa
Malekyeh Sour South Lebanon
Manara Bekaa West Bekaa
Mansoura Bekaa West Bekaa
Mansouri Sour South Lebanon
Mansourieh Metn Mount Lebanon
Mar Antonios Zahleh Bekaa
Mar Mema Batroun North Lebanon
Mar Mikhael Metn Mount Lebanon
Mar Moussa Metn Mount Lebanon
Mar Roukoz Metn Mount Lebanon
Mar Sarkis Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mar Touma Akkar North Lebanon
Marj Batroun North Lebanon
Marj Bekaa West Bekaa
Marj Barja Chouf Mount Lebanon
Marj el-Zouhour Hasbaya South Lebanon
Marjaba Metn Mount Lebanon
Markabta Danniyeh North Lebanon
Marsati Chouf Mount Lebanon
Mart Moura Akkar North Lebanon
Marwaniyeh Saida South Lebanon
Marwaniyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Maska Metn Mount Lebanon
Masnah Zahra Baalbeck Bekaa
Massa Zahleh Bekaa
Massoudieh Akkar North Lebanon
Mayassa Metn Mount Lebanon
Mayfaidoun Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Mayfouk Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mayrouba Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
M'aysra Hermel Bekaa
Mazboud Chouf Mount Lebanon
Mazraa Beirut Beirut
Mazraat Abou Slaybi Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat el-Soueidan Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat Baldeh Akkar North Lebanon
Mazraat Baldeh Koura North Lebanon
Mazraat Beit Matar Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat Beit Slaybi Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat Beit Tacham Hermel Bekaa
Mazraat Dalil Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazra'at el-Syad Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mazraat el-Fraydiss Zgharta North Lebanon
Mazraat el-Nahr Zgharta North Lebanon
Mazraat Fakih Hermel Bekaa
Mazraat Houka Zgharta North Lebanon
Mazraat Hreikess Zgharta North Lebanon
Mazraat Kfardebiane Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Mazraat Mechref Sour South Lebanon
Mazraat Saged Hermel Bekaa
Mazraat Sayed Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat Soueidan Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat Touffah Zgharta North Lebanon
Mazraat Tout Baalbeck Bekaa
Mazraat Yachouh Metn Mount Lebanon
Mazraet Artousa Danniyeh North Lebanon
Mazraet el-Dahr Chouf Mount Lebanon
Mchan Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mchikha Metn Mount Lebanon
Mdawkha Rachaya Bekaa
Mecherfeh Aley Mount Lebanon
Mechha Akkar North Lebanon
Mechmech Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mechmech Akkar North Lebanon
Mechref Chouf Mount Lebanon
Medawar Beirut Beirut
Mehmarche Batroun North Lebanon
Mekhtlef Akkar North Lebanon
Mekrak Baalbeck Bekaa
Memneh Akkar North Lebanon
Mersty Chouf Mount Lebanon
Metrit Koura North Lebanon
Mezher Metn Mount Lebanon
Meziara Zgharta North Lebanon
Mghayri Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mharabiyeh Jezzine South Lebanon
Mimes Hasbaya South Lebanon
Mina Tripoli North Lebanon
Minet el-Hosn Beirut Beirut
Minieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
Minyara Akkar North Lebanon
Miryata Zgharta North Lebanon
MiyehWe Miyeh Saida South Lebanon
Miye We Miyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Mjadel Sour South Lebanon
Mjeidel Jezzine South Lebanon
Mkaibleh Akkar North Lebanon
Mkaiteh Akkar North Lebanon
Mkalles Metn Mount Lebanon
Moheidse Metn Mount Lebanon
Moheidseh Rachaya Bekaa
Mougha´rieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Mouhtakara Chouf Mount Lebanon
Mounjez Akkar North Lebanon
Mounsa Akkar North Lebanon
Mounsef Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Mousseitbeh Beirut Beirut
Mrah As-Sraje Danniyeh North Lebanon
Mrah Az-Zeyat Batroun North Lebanon
Mrah Chdid Batroun North Lebanon
Mrah el-Ain Hermel Bekaa
Mrah el-Hajj Batroun North Lebanon
Mrah el-Hibas Jezzine South Lebanon
Mrah el-Khokh Akkar North Lebanon
Mrah Sfaira Danniyeh North Lebanon
Mrah Sraje Danniyeh North Lebanon
Mreijat Zahleh Bekaa
Mreijeh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Mrouj Metn Mount Lebanon
Mtaileb Metn Mount Lebanon
Mtein Metn Mount Lebanon
Mtolleh Chouf Mount Lebanon


Nabatyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Nabay Metn Mount Lebanon
Nabha Damdoum Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabha Harfouche Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabha Kleili Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabha Mahfara Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabi Aylla Zahleh Bekaa
Nabi Chiit Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabi Inaam Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabi Osman Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabi Rachadeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabi Sbat Baalbeck Bekaa
Nabi Youchaah Danniyeh North Lebanon
Nabi Youchah Danniyeh North Lebanon
Naccache Metn Mount Lebanon
Nahleh Baalbeck Bekaa
Nahmeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Nahr Ibrahim Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Nahriyeh Akkar North Lebanon
Nakhleh Koura North Lebanon
Nakra Baalbeck Bekaa
Namrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
Nassiriyeh Zahleh Bekaa
Nayra Hermel Bekaa
Nejjariyeh Saida South Lebanon
Nemayreh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Nfeisseh Akkar North Lebanon
Niha Chouf Mount Lebanon
Niha Zahleh Bekaa
Nimrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
Nmeiriyeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Noura Akkar North Lebanon
Nye Rachadeh Baalbeck Bekaa


Obeidad Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Oueinate Akkar North Lebanon
Ouyoun Akkar North Lebanon


Port of Beirut Beirut Beirut


Qaaqayiet el-Jisr Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Qalamoun Tripoli North Lebanon
Qana Sour South Lebanon
Qattin Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Qnat Becharreh North Lebanon
Qobeih Baabda Mount Lebanon
Qsaibeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Qsa´beh Baabda Mount Lebanon
Quorayeh Baabda Mount Lebanon


Raachine Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Racha Batroun North Lebanon
Rachana Batroun North Lebanon
Rachaya Rachaya Bekaa
Rachaya el-Foukhar Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Rachdebbine Koura North Lebanon
Rachedbine Koura North Lebanon
Rachiine Zgharta North Lebanon
Rachkananey Sour South Lebanon
Rachkida Batroun North Lebanon
Racyay Bekaa West Bekaa
Rafid Bekaa West Bekaa
Rafid Rachaya Bekaa
Rahbeh Akkar North Lebanon
Rahit Zahleh Bekaa
Ram Baalbeck Bekaa
Ram Batroun North Lebanon
Ramassa Baalbeck Bekaa
Rammah Akkar North Lebanon
Ramout Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ras Baalbeck Baalbeck Bekaa
Ras el-Ain Sour South Lebanon
Ras el-Harf Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ras el-Metn Baabda Mount Lebanon
Ras Nhache Batroun North Lebanon
Ras Osta Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Ras Senhache Batroun North Lebanon
Ras-Beyrouth Beirut Beirut
Raskifa Zgharta North Lebanon
Ras-Meska Koura North Lebanon
Rassiyeh Zahleh Bekaa
Rawda Bekaa West Bekaa
Rawda Danniyeh North Lebanon
Rayak Zahleh Bekaa
Rechmaya Aley Mount Lebanon
Remhala Aley Mount Lebanon
Reyfoun Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Rich Baalbeck Bekaa
Riha Baalbeck Bekaa
Rihanieh Danniyeh North Lebanon
Rihaniyeh Akkar North Lebanon
Rmadiyeh Sour South Lebanon
Rmeil Beirut Beirut
Rmeileh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Rmeyleh Aley Mount Lebanon
Rouayset el-Ballout Baabda Mount Lebanon
Roueisset el-Nehman Aley Mount Lebanon
Roumieh Metn Mount Lebanon
Roumine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Roummaneh Tripoli North Lebanon


Saadine Akkar North Lebanon
Saadnayel Zahleh Bekaa
Sabbouba Baalbeck Bekaa
Sad el-Baouchrieh Metn Mount Lebanon
Sadikine Sour South Lebanon
Sadiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Safad el-Batikh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Safinet el-Dreib Akkar North Lebanon
Safra Baalbeck Bekaa
Safra Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Saghbine Bekaa West Bekaa
Sahel Alma Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Sahlat Ma'a Hermel Bekaa
Saida Saida South Lebanon
Saifi Beirut Beirut
Saki Rechmaya Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Sakiet el-Misk Metn Mount Lebanon
Saksakiyeh Saida South Lebanon
Sal'a Sour South Lebanon
Salhiyeh Saida South Lebanon
Salhiyeh Zahrani South Lebanon
Salib Zgharta North Lebanon
Sarafand Zahrani South Lebanon
Sarafande Saida South Lebanon
Sarba Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Sarba Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Sarba Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Sarhine Baalbeck Bekaa
Sayaniyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Saydeh Zgharta North Lebanon
Sayssouq Akkar North Lebanon
Sebhel Zgharta North Lebanon
Sebline Chouf Mount Lebanon
Sebnay Baabda Mount Lebanon
Sefri Baalbeck Bekaa
Sehayleh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Sehleh Akkar North Lebanon
Seissouk Akkar North Lebanon
Selaata Batroun North Lebanon
Selaata Batroun North Lebanon
Semakiyeh Akkar North Lebanon
Semkaniyeh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Serhel Zgharta North Lebanon
Sfaira Danniyeh North Lebanon
Sfeili Metn Mount Lebanon
Sfeinet Katih Akkar North Lebanon
Sghar Batroun North Lebanon
Sin el-Fil Metn Mount Lebanon
Sinay Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Sindiyaneh Akkar North Lebanon
Sir el-Gharibeh Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Sir Denniyeh Danniyeh North Lebanon
Smaeyeh Sour South Lebanon
Smar Jbeil Batroun North Lebanon
Sofar Aley Mount Lebanon
Sohmor Bekaa West Bekaa
Soleh Baalbeck Bekaa
Souayra Bekaa West Bekaa
Soueisseh Akkar North Lebanon
Soueisseh Hermel Bekaa
Souk el-Gharb Aley Mount Lebanon
Sour Sour South Lebanon
Souret Batroun North Lebanon
Souwaika Tripoli North Lebanon
Souwaneh Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Srar Akkar North Lebanon
Srifa Sour South Lebanon
Sultan Yaacoub Bekaa West Bekaa
Sultanieh Bint Jbeil South Lebanon


Ta'aboura Koura North Lebanon
Taalabaya Zahleh Bekaa
Taanayel Zahleh Bekaa
Tabarja Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Tabbaneh Tripoli North Lebanon
Tabbaya Saida South Lebanon
Tacheh Akkar North Lebanon
Tahweitat Baabda Mount Lebanon
Tal Abbas Akkar North Lebanon
Tal el-Akhdar Zahleh Bekaa
Tal Bibeh Akkar North Lebanon
Tal Bireh Akkar North Lebanon
Tal Hemayra Akkar North Lebanon
Tal Mehyan Akkar North Lebanon
Tal Mohammad Tripoli North Lebanon
Tal Zanoub Bekaa West Bekaa
Talleh Akkar North Lebanon
Talya Baalbeck Bekaa
Tanbourite Saida South Lebanon
Tannoura Rachaya Bekaa
Tannourine Batroun North Lebanon
Tarane Danniyeh North Lebanon
Taraya Baalbeck Bekaa
Tarchich Baabda Mount Lebanon
Tartej Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Tayer Flisseh Sour South Lebanon
Tayr Debba Sour South Lebanon
Tebnine Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Teffahta Saida South Lebanon
Teffahta Zahrani South Lebanon
Tekrit Akkar North Lebanon
Tel Meyane Akkar North Lebanon
Temnine Baalbeck Bekaa
Terbol Danniyeh North Lebanon
Terbol Zahleh Bekaa
Tfayel Baalbeck Bekaa
Thoum Batroun North Lebanon
Tibeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Tleil Akkar North Lebanon
Tmenin Baalbeck Bekaa
Torzaya Jbeil Mount Lebanon
Toufikiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa
Toula Batroun North Lebanon
Toula Jebbeh Zgharta North Lebanon
Touline Marjeyoun South Lebanon
Toura Sour South Lebanon
Tourza Becharreh North Lebanon
Touweiti Zahleh Bekaa
Tripoli Tripoli North Lebanon


Wadi Arayech Zahleh Bekaa
Wadi Asse Hermel Bekaa
Wadi Baankoudine Jezzine South Lebanon
Wadi Bnehley Chouf Mount Lebanon
Wadi Bneit Hermel Bekaa
Wadi el-Delm Zahleh Bekaa
Wadi el-Zineh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Wadi el-Hour Akkar North Lebanon
Wadi el-Laymoun Jezzine South Lebanon
Wadi el-Set Chouf Mount Lebanon
Wadi Fa'ara Baalbeck Bekaa
Wadi Jamous Akkar North Lebanon
Wadi Karm Hermel Bekaa
Wadi Mechmechi Baalbeck Bekaa
Wadi Nahleh Danniyeh North Lebanon
Wadi Rattal Hermel Bekaa
Wadi Safa Charki Baalbeck Bekaa
Wadi Turkman Hermel Bekaa
Wadi Zein Baalbeck Bekaa
Wadih Khaled Akkar North Lebanon
Wardanieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Wata el-Mrouj Metn Mount Lebanon
Wata Fares Koura North Lebanon
Wata Houb Batroun North Lebanon
Watieh Danniyeh North Lebanon


Yahchouche Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Yahfoufa Baalbeck Bekaa
Yammouni Baalbeck Bekaa
Yanta Rachaya Bekaa
Yater Bint Jbeil South Lebanon
Ynouh Sour South Lebanon
Yohmor Bekaa West Bekaa
Youghon Oloke Zahleh Bekaa
Younine Baalbeck Bekaa
Younissiyeh Baalbeck Bekaa


Zaarourieh Chouf Mount Lebanon
Zabkine Sour South Lebanon
Zaboud Baalbeck Bekaa
Zabougha Metn Mount Lebanon
Zaghr Tighrine Danniyeh North Lebanon
Zaghrin Hermel Bekaa
Zahleh Zahleh Bekaa
Zahrieh Tripoli North Lebanon
Zakrouk Koura North Lebanon
Zakroun Koura North Lebanon
Zakzouk Koura North Lebanon
Zalka Metn Mount Lebanon
Zane Batroun North Lebanon
Zaoutar Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Zarazir Baalbeck Bekaa
Zarhoun Metn Mount Lebanon
Zawarib Akkar North Lebanon
Zebdine Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Zefta Nabatiyeh South Lebanon
Zeghdraya Saida South Lebanon
Zeghrine Metn Mount Lebanon
Zekrit Metn Mount Lebanon
Zen Batroun North Lebanon
Zgharta Zgharta North Lebanon
Zitta Saida South Lebanon
Zlaya Bekaa West Bekaa
Zokak el-Blat Beirut Beirut
Zoueitini Hermel Bekaa
Zouk Akkar North Lebanon
Zouk el-Kharab Metn Mount Lebanon
Zouk el-Hossayni Akkar North Lebanon
Zouk Hadareh Akkar North Lebanon
Zouk Hassineh Akkar North Lebanon
Zouk Hbalseh Akkar North Lebanon
Zouk Kharab Metn Mount Lebanon
Zouk Mekacharine Akkar North Lebanon
Zouk MikaŰl Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Zouk Mosbeh Kesrwan Mount Lebanon
Zrariyeh Saida South Lebanon
Zrariyeh Zahrani South Lebanon

Reference : Lebanon GenWeb


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